Sturdi-Bilt toy trucks were designed, assembled and distributed by the Sturdi-Bilt Toy Company in Norway, Oregon, a lumber town near Coquille and approximately 25 miles south of the Coos Bay/North Bend area. Casting was done by both the Pacific Die Casting Company and later the Product Engineering Company (PECO), both in Portland, Oregon. PECO also had a royalty arrangement to distribute the Sturdi-bilt log truck under its own brand.

Sturdi-bilt production started in the Spring of 1950, and is estimated to have ceased in 1955 or 1956 due to the entry of lower priced toys to the market. Sturdi-Bilts are similar in size and heft to the Smith-Miller trucks produced in California, and those produced in Salem, Oregon, All American. Smith Miller (1945 - 1954), Sturdi-Bilt (1950 - 1955/56), and All American (1947 - 1956) ceased production around the same time. Smith Miller was re-established by Fred Thompson in 1979, and Bill Hellie re-started All American in 1990.

Reproduction Parts

Parts needed for your Sturdi-bilt or PECO restoration (headache rack, hub caps, log bunks and fuel tanks) can be purchased from Greg Coleman in Milledgeville, Illinois. His eBay buyer ID is chevi-shop, and his email is "gcoleman@frontier.com".

Sturdi-bilt and PECO toy trucks WANTED

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Book About Sturdi-bilt and PECO Toys - 7 Copies in Stock on eBay

Interested in learning more about these toy trucks? The author has compiled a very comprehensive body of knowledge about these toys. The book describes the characteristics of each of the seven models. There are chapters on production details and sales, and a very complete guide on how determine if your toy is original or it has been modified. It offers tips on how to tell if your Sturdi-bilt log truck was branded by the Sturdi-bilt Toy Company or by the Product Engineering Corp. The book has over 70 color and black & white photos and is 76 pages.

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